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Excellent app!

It brings together all my favourite news sources and is a breeze to browse!


Très bon

I stopped using Flipboard bc of malware popups

I get popups every two minutes now! They have lost complete control of their app... I have to force quit the app to avoid pressing ok to claim my [..] prize. Bye bye Flipboard, maybe, Ill try you out again in 6 mos. - or not!

I really like it

This app is just awesome

Best app I have ever used

If you want you application to be really the best application for media. You really should link the articles to a dictionary. "Know and learn". Very good job.

Very good!!!

All information that I need I found here!!!! Congratulation!

Too much advertising

This use to be a good app; but now we cant use it anymore. Theres so much advertising that is just impossible roll over the screen. Im removing it!

The Best thing that you do

Melhor app de todos!


Inconsistent UI

The new version removed the native Safari as In-App-Browser. Flipboard now uses two different (!) custom In-App-Browsers which both dont support cookies, so I have to click those annoying notification popups ("We use cookies" et al.) almost every time I open a link in Flipboard. Annoying.

Far too much advertising!

Agree, by far too much advertising. Not a good experience anymore! Currently looking for a substitute.

Flipboard for iOS 10 is buggy and overloaded by marketing

I used to love Flipboard. Sadly though, it has become so buggy. My iPhone 7 with iOS 10 just hangs sometimes. This happens when I go to the tiled view; it just freezes and become non-responsive when I tap the tiles. Please work on this and make me love this app again. I have used this app since my original al iPad and would continue to use it if you could clean it up. Your implementation of "adds" marketing has gone too far. Hope my feedback helps

Works but buggy

Hangs sometimes.

Love it

Great way to get all the news thats important to you and read articles in a convenient and easy to access fashion. I use it on all my devices. Great design and esthetics!


Love it and I recommended it to a friend and they love it too!!

Today Widget

Requested for the widget a year ago. Finally is here. Wish it was released little earlier.

Get app!

Get all your information costumed in one spot, and be able to voice your comments to each story

Great app

An excellent aggregater of news.

Flipped Out by Flipboard

Love it! Admire the people and technology that make this possible. Its saved me so much money and time and I seldom ever by a newspaper or magazine again. I love that I can choose what topics I want to r ad about without flipping through pages and pages of ads. Thank you Flipboard company... And if age matters, Im 68!

Beta version expired

Just starting this morning, the app is reporting "This external beta version of Flipboard is expired." Then the app closes

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