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Отличное приложение

Nice app. I like it very much


Good content but you should be more balanced. Nothing ever reported on good things our President is doing.

Great for any news you need

I’ve been a flipper since launch and no complaints. So easy to find what you want and share your own stories.

Left Wing Bias

All default news sources favor the left. Politico, Salon, CNN, Huffington, NPR, the list goes on. Totally biased new slant.

Please explain

Every time I hit "less like this" on a news story I find ridiculously uninteresting, it gives me more news stories like that. Is there a problem with your algorithm? Or is it just pointless hitting "less like this?"

Amazingly Helpful

There’s no better news and information curation source on the digital playing field than Flipboard. Thank you for being so comprehensive and helpful. You make social media management a lot easier.

Awesome and Newsworthy

I’m a journalist turned PR Flack and Flipboard has become a very cool resource for my work and personal enjoyment.

Not what it used to be

To many ads. Always interrupted with ads, ads, and more ads

Reading for Years

I have had this app for years. It doesn't sit in a folder lost on the second page of my iPhone. I actually have it on the home screen and use it every single day. It aggregates so many news stories into on application so seemlessly. I've tried others and nothing matches up to Flipboard!

Great app- destroys your data though!

I love this app- but can only use it on WIFI due to its extremely high data usage

Don’t download this app

The layout, usability, and design of this app is wonderful but I’m tired of being distracted by false news stories.. Flipboard does not have anyone who monitors the validity of their posts so I am deleting the app so I don’t have to view the BS that is posted.

only one complaint

1. I can't add rss posts of lesser known blogs that aren't already in the system. That annoys me. 2.I repeatedly ask the algorithm for less news about the creep in chief...still getting it, along with some posts from Nazi rags not in my subscription list.

Great news content

I like getting plugged in within minutes

UI glitch

the app flashes with a white screen Everytime i flip on an iPhone X

Great choice of reading material

Huge selection of magazine and newspaper articles. Choices can be personalized.

Don't they test?

Could evolve into a good application, but it needs a lot of work. 1). It's buggy, 2) too many paywall links, 3) no way to eliminate / downvote bad sites in the future.

Horrifically Biased

This used to be my favorite news reading app, but now it’s just page after page of overly biased anti Trump nonsense. Hopefully they realize that some people use a news reading app like Flipboard so that we can read information from a wide variety of sources.

Watch app fixed

The iPhone app has been great for years. Very minor issues here and there but nothing you can’t go around or fix by reopening the app. As for the Apple Watch app, that is fixed! For a while it was messed up but now it’s back to normal.

All sides

With just a little effort you can see all sides of an issue. More important now with the biased media form all sides. Need the truth or as claw as I think I can get.


I have been using Flipboard since the beginning great app. Hypnotized Streets Records

Love it

I like very much this app, it is very useful and it is updated all the time. Let me use the info that I want.

Embedded Ads

Want me to flip to a different story, embed an advertisement.

The difference

I love the interface and easy access to the items I’m interested in reading. The content is reliable and well written.


Couldn’t ask for a better way to pick and choose articles that interest me and read as I please. Thanks

Commercials clog the app

If you click on a news story you will become clogged with ads and give up before finding the story you wanted to read.

MY Magazine

I like that idea. Whenever I have time to kill, I can check my magazine and be sure it will be something to read in which I'm interested - guaranteed! Why, I'm the Senior Editor.

Flip board app

It’s a very fun n useful app n helps me know what’s going on in the world n it’s like reading a very long book but better. I recommend anyone who loves reading or kindle too to get the flipboard app.

Sexually explicit

This app is rated 4+ so I just assumed that it’s content would be appropriate for all ages, but low and behold, just like Apple News, it’s not! Not only did I see stories with nipples-through-shirt and bikinis, but I found pasties and women with no bikini bottoms on. Simply unacceptable!! I demand this be fixed! What if children are using this app?😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


Good app for a news junky. But I am fed up with pop up ads that plague this app. Probably going to switch to Apple News. Pop up are driving me crazy.

Love it! I go here daily for my news.

This has been a great app for me.


This is an excellent application for anyone who enjoys to read. I use it more than any other app I have to read about everything from pop sci to philanthropy. It's great because you can access so many different outlets in one place. I have used Flipboard for so many years and would honestly be lost without it. I LOVE this app!

VERY slow, buggy and lags

Used to be great. Now it’s a bloated mess with ad’s that take over the downloads. Don’t bother with this. Try Feedly.

Don't upgrade

Just did an upgrade and basically have more ads:(. Much slower too. Sad because it was my go to for late night reading

The best that ever happen to news all in the palm of our hand

Thanks you guys for app, it’s my source of New and and a lot educational materials. Thanks


Es un revista fantástica,muy variada, lo que la hace tan atractiva con la veracidad de su información y la inmediatez de la noticia.

I love Flipboard

Flipboard is the best. I always find something new and interesting.

Better than anything out there

and that includes apples news app. Honestly, what’s so difficult with a chronological view of news? Flipboard works well, and display news in an easy to digest way.

More selection than most

To many incomplete stories or arctic levels sources demand a paid subscription. Remove any post source that expects a subscription at anytime, if I wanted to read only the articles they produce I would have their specific app and pay the subscription fee.


I love it! It's my favorite!

Useless, Utterly

If there is a cover story you want to read a simple touch on that story should open it. Not here, it will “flip” open to more stories and I will not be bothered with it. So much of the “news” items are actually gossipy, whining first person complaints obviously gotten from blogs. There is little of value here. Just noticed the lead story is trash from the sensationalist and largely useless NY Post. Absolute garbage. What’s next, supermarket tabloids? This app provides you with such an overwhelming amount of garbage.

I used to love Flipboard

But now the articles are overwhelmed with ads and unrelated videos. It is a constant battle just to get to the content. Makes me very sad because it used to be a great source for up to date information about topics I am interested in.

Must have

If all my iPad did was run Flipboard and nothing else, I'd still be happy with my purchase.


Flipboard leans WAY to the left. Don’t like it.

Amazing news

This is where every sort of news

Love it!

Best source of news for me.

Better curated news than Apple News

The only negative (for me) is I have a hard time getting used to the “flip”ping the pages like a book. I am a long-time techie so I have been conditioned to swipe from the bottom of the page like Acrobat Reader.


Awesome App

Love Flipboard!

This my absolute go-to source for news and interest stories. Love the format and the mix of stories.

too slow and biased

I find flipboard to be very slow on cellular connections. The anti Trump Bias is very teeny bopperish.

Needs improvement

Sometimes I accidentally flip away from a story I'm reading. When I try to flip back, I find I am at the beginning of the story, not where I left off. This was my previous review from 2017; my review for 2018 is the same.

Do not update to this version - much slower

I am a long time Flipboard user and recently I updated to iOS 11 on my iPad. I also updated the Flipboard app to the current one and that’s when the problems begun. The app is MUCH slower than the previous one. It takes long time to load ANY article from any source. There is also no option to block pop-ups (or at least one that works) so you are bombarded with ads and subscription nags. Come on Flipboard, blocking pop up ads is easy and almost every other browser has it. Another annoyance that still persists is the inability to disable the Cover stories. Let me choose what I want to read please. Seems like the best version was the original version. Downhill since then. Two stars, hope you can fix your problems so I can change it to five. Latest iPad with plenty of storage and latest iOS. Worked fine on previous Flipboard ver.

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