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Отличное приложение

Nice app. I like it very much




Anti trump news. But it’s amusing. Nobody wants to write any articles on how much other countries tax tariffs on American products.

Flippin Amazing

Love the ease of saving articles under topics for later review, and even publishing them for collaborative comments. I read Flipboard multiple times a day, everyday.

Just like everyone else

Flipboard is a very nicely constructed. Unfortunately, like everything else on the internet it has three issues (in my opinion). #1. Obsession with US politics. #2. Ads. Pages take too long to load because of all the ads that MUST load. I get it, it's about revenue... I would be willing to pay a fee not to see ads. We already spend too much of our time on these devices. Why add to that time waiting for ads to load on an item that I checked out three weeks ago because my wife asked something about it. I'll never purchase it! I'm giving serious consideration on boycotting products that waste my time with their intrusive ads. This means you Facebook, Amazon, CapialOne... #3 Constantly asking for reviews.

The app now starts to show boards that I didn’t subscribe to

The app on iPhone now starts to show boards that I didn’t subscribe to right next to the “For me” tab. It is sometimes called “the weekend” or “evening edition” or something like that, which pops up a selection of articles based on the time of the week. I can only temporarily hide it, meaning that it pops up again later. It seems to me that Flipboard is forcing me to look at contents that I have no interest in. Now I have to flip past your forced contents to access my favorite personalized section, and I have no way to disable this “feature”. There is little transparency in terms of how Flipboard made the editorial choices and how they plan to take any editorial responsibilities in curating these articles. Do you know what this move reminds me of? Advertisers. This app is marketed as a PERSONALIZED magazine. To me it feels more like a personalized ads displayer. Update: After reading the developer response I wanted to give the app a second chance. So I reinstalled the app and tried to hide sections. Here are what I learned: 1. There is not a universal toggle to disable all Flipboard-featured sections. I can only disable them as they appear and I don’t know how many different featured sections there out. 2. Probably because there was no universal toggle to switch off this feature, the preference was not memorized by the app after deleting it. Once I re-installed the app I had to re-disable some of the sections I turned off before. Even if I could switch off these pop up sections permanently one by one as they show up, I am still very unhappy that I need to separately hide them, knowing that flipboard can bypass my blocking anytime if they create a new section of “curated contents” that I have not blocked before. How bad is this practice? Imagine some companies that send you various types of email newsletters you never subscribe to. If they are like flipboard, they won’t give you an option to unsubscribe all future email communications on their website. They only let you stop getting the exact type of emails you received by clicking a link within the email itself. It takes so much effort to opt-out a promotion-like feature that I never asked for, and I don’t think it’s fair.

Old news

Stories frequently are old news........for this site to be in top tier it has to update its content far more frequently

Great way to stay informed

I like it because i can customize the topics i care about and sources i trust.

My custom morning newspaper.

Far better than any newspaper because i has everything I want and nothing I do not.

No following.

Click on a story and up pops a commercial saying you can't continue until you sign up for whatever it it touting. Frustrating.

Ad heavy

Like the app but the ads are a bit much! Invasive at times and hard to actually read articles of interest!

Replaced the paper

This has replaced my need for a local paper.

Perhaps the most obnoxious UI ever devised

Really hard to navigate this app. Inconsistant and confusing. Cannot pinch and expand articles. Poorly designed and frustratingly difficult to use. When do you swipe up/down/left/right. No navigation cues. This should serve as an example of how NOT to design an app. I ALWAYS end up just googling whatever interests me. I have no interest in communicating with developers trying to defend this awful user interface. Why haven’t I simply deleted the app? Maybe I’m a masochist.

It started

Rational, polite and civilized conservative comments ARE BEING GHOSTED. Flipboard is becoming the same biased trash as Twitter and Facebook.

Stellar apt.

Very good mix of many different items and ideas. Good good site.

Just keeps getting worse

Still can’t use iOS text to speech function like it could be done with Zite. Too many User Interface inconsistencies too. Not cool.

Great app, one problem

The comment section is absolutely awful. But, that’s not really Flipboard’s problem. Great app overall, a little bit rough with the UI sometimes.

Business owner


Old news

The news stories do not seem to update often. Read 10 stories on Monday, same stories next week. Many monthly magazines still have not figured out how deliver fresh content online.

Just another sensationalist app

They bought a previous app that provided them with the like/ dislike functionality. That app focused on legitimate scientific articles & publications. That focus has now been lost & we end up with trivial pop-bull. Not impressed.

Needs one thing

I love this app but it needs a uniform text size and the ability to change it for the articles. I have a hard time reading the smaller text. Update: Still needs that. Also needs to stay out of politics and to stop being so bias.


I really love this app, elegant design friendly User interface. Probably the most useful app in my phone.

Betterment of life and all its tentacles.

Flipboard is my news paper my magazine of everything I like to study. It’s the teachers I wish I would have had when younger. Flipboard quickens getting to what I want it has no hitches or rolls of wasted time. Flipboard puts you touch with everything in like of this universe. I have found no other card catalog that compares. It has made me a chef of more than four cultures. My gardens are close to rivaling the greatest gardener of all time , my Mother Bonnie❤️ My health knowledge helps keep friends and family alive. I counsel on team building and holes in payrolls. I am blessed to listen to the sounds of earth for she does speak. I could go on for a book or two maybe many who knows? I do! Flipboard has made me fit many more facets of life than anyone could want. I wanted I’m not anyone I’m somebody that wants to know of the know. I hunt for the reason of the not knowing and have found so many in psychology study and the mind of human species. I hope this spout strikes any that read it I hope it shakes you and leads you to a betterment of life you want. Blessings to any it does❤️

Great app

Has a lot potential

Outrageous Update

Have used this app for years, opened it today and I no longer have the option to personalize my feed in any way. The buttons to even give a thumbs up or down are gone. At a time when knowing where your news comes from and having the ability to weed out garbage is paramount, I’m genuinely speechless. I guess the major news outlets have made it contingent that they must be included with no option for dissent. Utterly depressing...

News whenever you need to learn.

I love Flipboard since it caters to its readers news in minutes. In addition, you can share the news with your friends of social media. The most interesting topics I send to my email to reread or to use for personal use. Thank you the Flipboard team.

What happened to journalism?

Most of these arrivals seem to be AI generated content with more misspellings and grammar mistakes then seen in a 3rd grade class. The app jams up on submitting comments and then loses all that you typed out forcing you to start over or leave exhausted. Disappointed


Love the “Flip”. Read all the latest every single night before bed.

Great service!

I love it’s easy use and the ability to get key articles from a variety of topic sources.

Fox News

Flipboard is fun to skim through but no substance and articles repetitive. Kinda like a tech version of National Inquirer.


Love the customization of your own feed. I use this app everyday. It’s easy to flip though stories quickly or get lost in it for hours.

My interests organized in one place

Flipboard has the stuff I want to read about without me spending time looking for it. Flipboard has found so many different sources of reading material in my topics and this has opened up more of the internet to me.


Get all my customizable news. Great App.


I am an avid user of Flipboard. I cycle through them everyday when I get the chance. I have one request to make the user experience better. Is there any way Flipboard could implement some sort of night mode or dark mode for the application. This will definitely improve user experience because we tend to read at night and under low light settings.

Great news app - I use it everyday

Love using Flipboard to browse cation news articles based on my preferences. It’s my go-to app to pass free time. Great way to keep current on news and topics of personal interest.

Great way to get articles!

Flipboard is an app that I use every day to read articles of interest or save for later. Love it!


Quick source do my daily catch up

One of the best apps EVER!

All you could ever ask for!!!

Impressed by Flipboard

I can’t imagine how will spend my day without knowing what going on around the world but Flipboard fills this gap. I get news on all aspects of life. Thanks to Flipboard.


Whats the point having a ipad ? Ads are covering the top and right of the screen .shrinks down to iphone sized screen.its so lame . I know ads pay for stuff in my case i dont care about any of that stuff .more the opposite, looking for alternative news app.

Love the format! Hate the flip to top!

Flipbook is generally great for reading articles, but it is unacceptable to me that a casual gesture can cause the app to flip all the way to the top, causing me to lose my place. At least prompt the user first!

Good but Liberal bias

Great way to see news and articles from a vast array of sources. It is easy to select topics you want to read on. Try it.

Great App With Flaws

I love this app but there are a few nagging things on iOS. Sometimes when I click on a story it goes to a completely different story than the one I clicked. Also, the comment system is pretty poor and not user friendly.


Works well but should have more frequent updates. I count on it for quick snapshots of events in the technical fields of electronics and computers. It's one of the best

Best app

This is the best app to use for absolutely everything of interest to you. it’s continually updating and I would be lost without it

Very liberal.

Bo Bowman

Flipboard is back!

Flipboard has been on of my long term favorite apps. I was starting to think I might need to find something new; a couple updates were giving me a lot of problems. Flip has turned this around nicely. The latest few updates have been very stable and the experience good.

Liberal slant

Flipboard used to be better, but it has turned into a non stop anti Trump outlet! Sure they tell you one can pick which outlets you want to read, but that’s not the point! They purposefully have their algorithms set as too constantly put anti Trump articles up at the front, they outnumber pro Trump news 10-1!!

This app is, well...ok

Seems like most of the articles are written with a leftist, liberal, socialist slant. Makes me question the qualifications of the ones who publish most of this crap (ops, I forgot, a journalism major doesn’t have any certification or qualification process other than a really easy degree). I’m thinking about erasing this app and finding an app where news and information isn’t slanted by some unqualified leftist clown. It is hard to digest the average article without throwing up in my mouth.

Like it, but it’s not without issues

I would luuuuuuv a way to filter out all articles that feature a keyword, such as “kardashians.”


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