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Отличное приложение

Nice app. I like it very much

Ads switch to App Store

While flipping, when an ad appears, it constantly acts as if I clicked the ad when I simply flipped on to the next article just like I was doing for the previous articles. Very sneaky way to get people to “click” through to ads, which are usually Apps on the App Store. Disappointing


Easy to use. Overall great app. Layout could be better though. Looks like the developers spent more time creating layout for the main page (first 3 news) and less on the following sections.

Good but ads are mostly scams.

The app is pretty good and overall a good experience but the built in Ads that are displayed are total click bait. The Ad title is a total lie and they usually have fake buttons or controls incorporated in the designs. You need to take a hard look at the quality of the Ads you allow on your network because the Google Ads ones you use now are bad enough to stop using the app over.

To many ads

It’s hard to read in between all the advertising and I’m about to delete the app

Ads (specifically App Store ones) are STILL opening automatically

Despite what the developer said, the latest update did not fix the issue of ads opening without being clicked on. The issue may be the full screen ads not having enough room on the sides to swipe to the next article. Please fix this, it’s infuriating to be brought forcibly to the App Store every few mins and if it’s not fixed I won’t be able to use Flipboard anymore.


The ads take me to the App Store unexpectedly. I’m deleting your app. It used to be so good.

Mostly left propaganda and fake news

After use it happily for a couple years in the past two months I noticed all the sudden I started getting lots of leftist / pro-democrat party type fake news and anti-republican / anti-trump news. I uninstalled it for good.

Latest version crashing on ios 9

It is an amazing app and i am using it since it was launched without any issues. After updating to the latest version the app constantly crashing on ios 9. Please help.

Great sources

Super news sources!

Auto opens app store and websites

Developer fixed an annoying ad bug that caused me to previously give it one star

Inbetween Ads Irritating

While I love this app, the most recent version has become more annoying. When flipping through ads, the ads have been interpreting my swipes as clicks and opening the app store. This never used to happen or if it did it was very Infrequent. Now it happens all the time. Please fix.


If you want total left wing news, this is your app! It is so liberal that I'm dumping it!

Most trusted

Flipboard is my most enjoyed news source. It has the best news sources at my fingertips

Lose the paywalls

Are you providing content or come-ons for subscriptions?

Issues with “The Motley Fool” Articles

Currently having issues trying to read any article(s) from The Motley Fool. Shows available to read, click on it, get a completely blank white screen. Idk if this is an issue with the Flipboard app or The Motley Fool. Only happens with The Motley Fool articles, other articles are fine.

Just ok

Seems to be left leaning. The app itself is pretty good, but I hoped to get some of the more obscure news rather than just the mainstream stuff. And long after I have deleted the app, I have continued to get notices that a developer has responded to my comment. Are they trying to beat me into submission? I wish I had never downloaded the app!

Too many bots

I used to really like this app, but there seem to be rampant bots on the comment feeds. I find myself using this less and less. It’s too bad, it was a good concept.

Every current event in one place

I’ve been using Flipboard for several years, and don’t know of any better newsfeed. All the top news outlets and important smaller, less cited sources in a single place. I recommend it to all, and many friends thank me after they begin to use it themselves. Simple to shut up, easy to use, an invaluable source for staying informed.


If I have to sign in via a google or social media account, I’m really not interested. We give up too much privacy to use the internet as it is.

Hit a new low

This app used to be my go to app if there was information I needed. Still a lot of resources & useful information you can get to…but only if you participate in a full page survey that pops up & you can’t move on to the article till you complete a stupid survey. Yes this happened a couple of times most recently about 10 minutes ago. As if they don’t collect enough information about everyone, now it’s masqueraded as a survey. How low have you gone.

this app is getting stupider on every update

What is the idea of making almost everything (comments, stories matching, etc) be a TINY TINY TINY WINDOW. I have 10.5 in of real estate, use it instead of these stupid 1 in squares you like. HIRE DECENT MANAGERS THAT UNDERSTAND UI DESIGN!!!

Why no night mode?

Apps ok. Missing night mode

Poor Decisions Tarnishing a Great App

I love Flipboard. Love it. But the aggressive and intrusive advertising has gotten ugly. App advertisements pop up and open the App Store without clicking, and even more egregious: videos will play without any notice. Flipboard is my most used third party App by far, but it’s no irreplaceable if this continues.

No Offline mode / Interface should be like the iPhone

This Application needs to have the same Interface of the iPhone where you can flipp article up and not left to right. Plus like the iPhone App there needs to be away to see current news and just what I follow. Plus there need to be a Dark mode. The text is not large enough even after you change the setting in the application. The number request would be to make the application look like the iPhone

Love it, but

Love this app. But why all of a sudden does twitter keep signing out. It’s getting annoying.

Account disabled

For some reason, my account was disabled and nobody from customer service is bothering to reply to my multiple emails. Trash.


Unfortunately I’m really not that pleased with the newsfeeds Flipboard chooses for me and my interests. Also, I find the news to be politically for the most part bias.

Too much add from the web pages

I love to use this app, and one of the best so far but recent times so many adds and force to buy membership like Washington post etc are really annoying

App does not work on iPad Mini4

The Apple iPhone Application does not work the same way in the iPad Mini. There is no FOR YOU home icon like it's on the iPhone.

My favorite app

I love that I get news in ways that I am interested in, and also hiding things I don't want to see or things from sources I don't trust. It's also a great resource for recipes, mindfulness, and yoga! I wish I had known about this app ages ago.

Flipboard is fun

Lots of great articles organized in a creative format. Very unique ap! 👍🏼😊

When “What’s new” stands for nothing

When developers can’t bother telling users what changes in the version history besides communicating what the app is used for, you know it’s probably something just to collect more information about you. Otherwise they would let you know they fixed a specific annoying issue. It’s not hard to explain what changed. Until then, there is no motivation to upgrade and likely more of a motivation just to delete the app. And I’m getting tired of getting fed more articles that are remotely associated with what I’m interested in and just wasting time flagging them rather than reading anything useful.

No longer able to follow multiple sources on a subject or phrase

Can now only follow Flipboard approved tags Reading from sources on your own untagged topic, subject or phrases can only be read by a drop down list in upper right corner in iPad

Education, a buffet of worldwide information

Education in a wide scale

Font size flexibility/ reader view option

Font size flexibility and readability of articles should be as good as in NYT app.

Hey superb app

I love this application. Never fails to find fascinating stories, always works just as it supposed to. An excellent application.


I love the ease of finding Nd reading things I want to know more about. I hate when you include articles I can’t read without subscribing. I.e. NY times.

Great stuff

Always interesting material and good mix of fun and serious material.

9/14-awful update

Updated the app today. Now it freezes and doesn’t completely load articles.

Always interesting

The articles run a large gambit of ideas. You can read what is interesting to you. There are always lots of different ideas to choose from and I enjoy reading what I have read. Since I have a wide range of interests I find Flipboard offers many opportunities to explore what attracts me!

Suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome

A continuous monitoring flow of propaganda worthy of Pravda.

Fail to read

It would be awesome if I could read just one news... Every time, not sometimes, every time I try to read something, There is a giant advertising that covers all the page... It’s ridiculous. There is no point of having these app because I cannot see anything. It’s like an advertising app.

Tired of all the sex junk showing up on this app.

I got this app so I can get news about products technology political views and photography. But every now and then I’m found with either sexual pictures or sexual content thrown at me. I am done with this app

Use often-👍🏼. Helpful developers.

I use the app every day. One source page was always empty when I went to read a story. I wrote to the developers & got great help. Now it works.

Cool but frustrating

Do you flip, scroll, tap or double tap? I find Flipboard hard to use when I want to read more of an article after I finish the first page. There seems to be no consistent direction of how to go to the second page. I often end up going to a different article instead and then I cannot find my way back. Out of frustration, I often end up just exiting altogether and finding another traditional news app. Please Flipboard - develop an obvious navigation, not a cool navigation.

Nothing but old news

This used to be my go to app for news. But in the past couple of months I get three or four recent articles but the rest are 5 days old or more. I like the app but old news is no news, particularly in politics.

Ads galore

I've been a Flipboard user for more than three years and I've loved its UI/UX since I initially downloaded it. However, with recent updates to ads between content, the app is virtually unusable. As others have stated, it's a minefield going between articles not knowing when a screen will force you to open an app shortcut or an interesting Wadhington Post or New York Times article that requires you to subscribe. If these issues aren't resolved soon, I'll be forced to start using Apple News instead.

Getting Worse

I have to downgrade Flip Board from a 5 to a 3. Have been using it for years and had loved it!!! Now? Too many of the articles are linked to sites that want to charge you to read the articles (e.g. Washington Post). This is something new and it’s annoying. Get rid of the pay for access sites!!

Not support Split Screen for iPad Pro

Please add it, it would be perfect until then.

Terrific Reading

This is the best layout for reading what’s to come in the automotive world. It is fantastic the way you can select the sections of your particular interests. When I begin to read a section of my choice, my intentions are to just look at a few areas of my interest. However, I find myself spending several hours.

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